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Underhill Investment Strategy offers Separate Account Management. A separately managed account is a portfolio of securities directly owned by the investor. The account assets are held at a third-party custodian chosen by the client. The benefits include:

Investors receive transaction confirmations and monthly statements from the Custodian and receive quarterly statements and performance reporting from Underhill Investment Management LLC. Investors also have the ability to access their account information online through the Custodian.

Separately Managed Accounts provide the ability to control the timing of transactions that have tax implications.

Your investment portfolio is managed to meet your unique investment requirements. Clients can specify certain parameters to customize their accounts, such as excluding certain securities or sectors due to social, political or environmental concerns or pre-existing exposure to sectors through illiquid holdings such as stock options or ownership of private companies.

Separately Managed Accounts allow for daily liquidity. Clients have the ability to generate liquidity in their accounts in order to meet client's funding needs.

Separately Managed Accounts allow the investor to receive a superior level of service from the Portfolio Managers and Underhill Investment Management team.

Underhill Investment Management has a formal preferred custodian relationship with Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, which we recommend to our clients in search of a low-cost custodian.